Trivia Candy – New App

I remember how Star Movies and HBO used to play movie Trivia during movie breaks. And how we used to anxiously wait for the answers before the movie resumed. It was a fun and interactive way to enjoy the movies while keeping ourselves busy with some amazing facts. But now, you don’t get to see these movie channels playing trivia games with your anymore.


Safety Blade – New Product

I don’t really write about safety tools and equipment because I don’t really have to use them quite often, but when I do, I make sure that I am not cutting through my fingers, while using the box cutters or utility knives. But alas! Not every product out there is made under the highest safety standards. In fact, I doubt that if there are any stringent safety standards.


Print Glow – New Product

I remember how much I used to fantasise the glowing sticks when I was a child, but guess what ? I still believe that glowing stuff is really amazing and mesmerising. But what about bringing this idea into commercial printing? Well, there is a company that can print you just anything on a paper—be it a menu, brochure, flyers, or Christmas or birthday cards.


Janus Case – New Product

We love iPhones. They are certainly one of the most amazing smartphones out there with their superior build, user-friendly OS, and patented technology. Within the Android spectrum, Samsung rules the market with its amazing built quality, high-end features and top-notch TouchWiz OS.


How to find a good invention company for your product

Finding a right invention company for your product can make or break your years of devotion and hard work from becoming a success. You have a great product idea; you have designed a prototype even, but you don’t know how to get it done, i.e. everything else.


How to build a great product

Just because you are a consumer, it doesn’t necessarily makes you a good product person. A good product idea, design, marketing, and management are just a few things that make up a successful product. But if you think that you can make a nice product just by giving your marketing budget a spike, nevertheless, it’s going to end up with a much quicker fail. To build a company of your dreams, you need to have a product that consumers want in the first place.


5 new product inventions that aren’t famous but amazing

Isn’t this unfair that the technological revolution has really taken over all the other aspects of innovation and invention. The internet is full of stuff like when we will be able to get driver-less cars or what to expect in the new iPhone 7, or how Facebook is planning a virtual reality future with Oculus and other VR accouterments and sensors.

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